Boy Scout Museum

Raton, New Mexico

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The Boy Scout Museum and Westward Ho gift shop are located one block from the old Santa Fe Train Depot (used by Amtrak) on Historic First Street in Raton, New Mexico. Curators-owners, Sue and Dennis Downing love the fascinating history about the trail so much that they have a mural of the trail on the outside of the building.

The museum holds artifacts of scouting life that have been donated to the museum over several years. Boy Scouts, leaders and families, and of course the public, can stop in to visit on their way to the Philmont Scout Ranch located in Cimarron, 45 minutes away.

Philmont is high adventure hiking for boys and girls 14 and older and was given to the Boy Scouts organization in 1938 by Texas oil man, Waite Phillips. Today the ranch is 137,000 acres and is hiked by scouts from around the world.

photo of owner holding flag

The photo at right shows owner, Dennis, holding a flag from Okinawa Boy Scout Council. Some of the museum's collection include old badges, books, uniforms and more. Many former scouts and their families have taken a trip down memory lane when they enter this fun and fascinating place.

photo of boy scout uniforms

The photo at left shows the Air scouting uniform, the shortest older boy (14 and over) program that Scouting has had. The program started in 1942 and ran until 1949. It was then replaced with Air Exploring which was a different program.

The Air program covered all aspects of airplane construction and Airport management such as airplane structure, aeronautics, aerodynamics and airplane design.

boyscout uniforms

The photo at right is a collection of Sea Scouting uniforms, the longest running older boy (14 and older) program. It started in 1912 and is still a current program in scouting. The Sea Scouting program covers all aspects of the sea including ships, ropes, history and terminology. The scouts in this program go on sea trips both short and long.

photo of flags in scout museum

The photo at right shows some of the many Scouting flags that hang from the ceiling in the museum. The stairs lead to the display cases of scouting memorabilia.

photo of neckerchief slides in display case

At right is photo of the museumn's collection of neckerchief slides that the scouts use with their kerchiefs.

There are many other display cases in the museum filled with interesting items that scouts and others from all over the world can enjoy. The museum boasts over 4,000 visitors in a single summer season.

Scouting Jamboree 2007 collection

Scouting started in England in 1907 and celebrated its one-hundredth birthday this year. The program was started by Lord Baden-Powell, a retired army general, to help improve the health and fitness of English youth. His published book covering the scheme of the program was picked up by other countries and has spread around the world. Today Scouting is in every non-communist country.

The photo at left shows some of the items that Dennis and Sue collected during their trip to England for the 2007 World Scout Jamboree.

photo of gift shop

Also included in the Scout Museum is the Westward Ho Trading Post. The photo at left shows just a few of the wonderful gifts and collectibles available in this unique gift shop.

The museum and gift shop are generally open daily from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm or by appointment unless Dennis and Sue are out of town.

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  • Boy Scout Museum & Westward Ho Trading Post
  • 400 South 1st Street
  • Raton, NM 87740
  • 575-445-1413